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DETAILS commisioning

Project Commissioning

  • commissioning

Performance consists of:
Production of electrical cabinets, workshop conditions testing, commissioning and start up of systems.
Production of electrical installations for automation and electromotive drive.
Handover of the object, user training.
For these works, we posses appropriate licenses for responsible contractors.

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DETAILS mainterence


  • Maintenance

Maintenance of the facility we do on the object or remotely.
Assembly of yearly contracts for regular and interventional maintenance. Customer support in handling.

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DETAILS integration

Centralization of management-integration

  • Integration

Expansion of the central supervisory system of all processes of interest.
Connecting all systems into one unique unit, one platform from which you can manage, control and analyze factory work.
Industry 4.0 is a new challenge and priority for our firm that we are accomplishing through several projects which realizations are still in process.

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DETAILS design

Electrical Design

  • Design

We design projects for pharmacy according to GAMP 5 guidelines. The project is initiated with the URS project task, then follows the established procedure of creating a functional specification, hardware design specification, software design specification.
The design verification phase is carried out through DQ (Design Specification).
Verification of work performance and fulfillment of project requests is realized through installation (IQ) and operation (OQ) qualification. All projects no matter what field they may come from are aligned to the local laws of planning and building objects.
For these activities we possess adequate licenses of responsible designer of automation and electric drive.

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DETAILS optimization

Optimization of process production and energy efficiency improvements.

  • Optimization

Optimization of process production and energy efficiency improvements are two important aspects of modern industrial practices. Process optimization involves identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in manufacturing processes to increase productivity, reduce waste and improve quality. Energy efficiency improvements, on the other hand, focus on reducing energy consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint of industrial operations.

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